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Landmark Solutions and its team of Industry Experts brings with it over a 100 years of industry expertise. We pride ourselves on being a professional manufacturing consulting, project management and capital equipment distributor. Based in Orange County, California, Landmark Solutions serves customers throughout North America.

Our team members each have decades of expertise in manufacturing so we can help to consult and understand our customers needs. We focus on providing the Best In Class Equipment with Best In Class Support so that we can help our customers produce better quality parts at a lower price point with the most amount of uptime.

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Bystronic is a world-class manufacturer of high-quality machines and systems for the economical processing of sheet metal and other flat materials. We support the customers’ success with application-oriented systems and solutions for laser cutting, waterjet cutting, bending and automation. The focus lies on the cutting – bending process chain and the automation of the complete materials and data flow

Semyx waterjet cutting machine


OMAX is a global leader in abrasive waterjet systems. Abrasive waterjets can cut almost any material over a very wide range of thicknesses.

Lean Manufacturing


SteelStack sheet metal storage systems are built to take all that a hard-hitting metal fabrication environment can give. Clean up your floor space to maximize your manufacturing operation. Over-engineered support structures and innovative features increase efficiency and durability.

Slag Hog Slat Cleaner

Slag Hog Slat Cleaner

Quickly and easily remove tough slag and dross buildup from your laser support surface and extend the life of your slats.

AKS _plasma_oxycutting_machines

Flex Machine Tools

Founded on humble beginnings in 1971, Flex Machine Tools has quickly become a leading innovator in the automation and machining industry. Offerings include CNC Vertical Machining Centers, Profile Beam Drilling Centers, Tapping Arms, and more.

AKS _plasma_oxycutting_machines

Lone Star Cutting Solutions

Since its inception in 2001, Lone Star has been listening to its customers with the objective of expanding and refining their line of CNC Plasma and Oxy Cutting equipment to best undertake the growing demands of the industries they serve, and to provide the best solutions for each customer’s unique application. Lone Star prides itself in offering a combination of exceptional quality, user-friendliness, and first-rate service after-sale.

AKS _plasma_oxycutting_machines


Landmark is proud to partner with Timesavers – an industry leader in automated sanding and deburring machines for over 75 years. The Timesavers line offers a variety of customizable solutions to exceed the needs and expectations of any production shop.

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