Modular Tool Changer

Improve Efficiency and Boost Productivity

The process of setting up tools for bending can take up a significant amount of time and can be physically demanding, especially for large tools. With the Modular Tool Changer for the Xpert Pro press brake, you can alleviate the burden on your personnel and improve efficiency. This tool changer changes tools on the press brake fully automatically, ensuring high-precision bending processes. Don’t waste any more time on manual tool changes, and get ahead with the Modular Tool Changer.


Customer Benefits

Save time and operator effort thanks to the automated changing of upper and lower tools.

Efficient set-up and removal of tool segments up to 515 millimeters in length

Automatic rotation of the upper tools increases the variety of bending applications.

Precise and gentle processing of bent parts thanks to automatic cleaning of the bending table.

Precise and wear-free positioning of the tool sets in the clamping systems of the upper and lower beam

Simple tool expansion at any time: An intelligent sensor system automatically detects new tools and integrates them into the tool magazine.

Maximum application diversity in the thin and thick sheet metal range thanks to the possibility to use lower tools up to V120 and upper tools with a height of up to 350 millimeters.

Modular design enables Xpert Pro series press brakes to be upgraded.

Optimize your process with custom-

tailored bending automation.

Modular Tool Changer Technical Specifications

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