11 Series Wet Machine

Wet System for Deburring & Finishing

The 11 Series operates wet and has an integrated product dryer and paper belt filter. This machine is easy to operate, and after a few minutes of training, a perfectly deburred and finished part can be produced. The 11 Series is delivered with a 9″ wide conveyor belt.

Customer Applications

Removal of vertical burrs from laser, die, and water-jet cut parts

Wet systems allow for the safe mixing of metals, including titanium, aluminum, carbon & stainless steel, copper, etc. on the machine.

Removal of burr & finishing in one pass on multi-head configurations

Abrasives on a wet system can last up to 3x as long as on a dry machine, depending on usage.

Debur and finish your parts

in a single pass.

11 Series Technical Specifications

All information and data on the 11 Series Wet System

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