12 Series Dry Deburring Machine

Dry System for Deburring, Edge-Breaking, and Finishing.

The industry-standard.

The 12 Series dry deburring machine has been the standard in the metal industry for more than forty years. Thousands of these economically attractive deburring machines are being used worldwide for the deburring and finishing of small parts.

Customer Applications

Removal of vertical burrs from laser, die, and water-jet cut parts.

The option of edge breaking/surface conditioning brush

The option of edge breaking/surface conditioning brush

Optimum ease of use

Rough grinding of heavy-duty burrs and finishing in one pass on multi-head configurations

Great for shops running a 1 shift operation, 4-8 hour duty cycle

Optimum ease of use, even for inexperienced operators

Deburr, edge-break, and finish your parts

in a single pass.

12 Series Technical Specifications

All information and data on the 12 Series

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