31 Series LYNX

Heavy Duty Wet System for Diverse Applications

The most versatile wet machine for mixed metal finishing applications.

The 31 Series LYNX wet metal processing machine is engineered and designed to your exact needs. The 31 Series is the most versatile machine that Timesavers offers – available in two widths and up to four heads. This heavy-duty machine can be run up to two shifts per day.

Customer Applications

Removal of burrs from laser, waterjet, punched, and cut metal parts

Safe processing mixed metals including titanium, aluminum, carbon, stainless steel, zirconium, and copper.

Debur, edge break, and surface finish mixed metals in one pass using up to four wide-belt or brush heads

Integrated filtration system to keep metal parts cool during machining, adding lubricity to ensure that the abrasive belt’s service life is extended.

Be ready for any job

with a versatile mixed metal finishing machine.

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