32 Series Rotary Brush

Do-it-All Machine for Diverse Applications

Mid-range machine excelling in deburring, edge rounding, finishing and laser oxide removal.

The 32 Series RB is the Timesavers mid-range Rotary Brush machine, offering versatility for deburring, edge rounding, finishing and laser oxide removal for different materials.

With up to three multi-directional brush heads, this rotary brush machine can deburr parts in a fraction of the time it takes by hand. Let Timesavers configure a 32 Series RB machine tailored to your exact needs and application.

Customer APplications

Debur, edge round, surface finish, and remove laser oxide from mixed metals.

Sets the standard for operator comfort and ease of use in a finishing machine.

Up to 1000 hours of abrasive brush life.

Economical operation with low media costs and low energy consumption.

The operator has full control of the process due to the HMI control panel and large transparent windows.

Be ready for any job

with a finishing machine that does it all.

32 Series Rotary Brush Technical Specs

All information and data on the 32 Series Rotary Brush.

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