Randbright RB 120

Versatile and Personalized Cylindrical Finishing.

Customizable configurations for single pass finishing of large diameter parts.

The Randbright RB 120 wet/dry series machine delivers outstanding finishing on large diameter cylindrical parts.

Available in one to four head configurations for single pass flow and easy integration into existing cylindrical finishing systems. With options for wet and dry models, this machine is designed to exceed expectations across multiple applications.

Customer Applications

The ultimate machine for deburring, finishing, and oxide removal on large diameter cylindrical parts.

Versatile applications: You can use our heavy-duty, high-performance cylindrical polishing equipment for a range of pipe polishing needs across your operations.

Multiple customization selections: You can choose from a range of brushes, head types and other customization options to help you address your specific applications effectively.

Streamlined operations: From robust operating capabilities to optional productivity reporting tools, your equipment can help you get the job done sooner and more easily.

Maximized uptime: Built to handle the job 24/7, our equipment offers uncompromising solutions to reduce downtime and give you maximum uptime at the job site.

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Randbright RB 120 Technical Specs

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