Randbright RB 60

Robust Machine for Cylindrical Finishing

The Randbright RB 60 allows you to be more efficient while increasing safety and product quality. With our vast configuration options and world-class support teams, the RB 60 can easily adapt to any of your industry or product requirements.

Customer Benefits

Cylindrical polishing of round, square, rectangular pipes up to 6" in diameter.

Faster output: With the RB 60, you can finish polishing jobs quicker and significantly reduce operational times.

Maximized uptime: Built to handle the job 24/7, our equipment offers uncompromising solutions to reduce downtime and give you maximum uptime at the job site.

Range of available configurations, including a belt head, buff head or brush head.

Versatile applications: You can use our heavy-duty, high-performance cylindrical polishing equipment for a range of pipe polishing needs across your operations.

Maximize your operational capacity

with the right pipe finishing solution.

Randbright RB 60 Technical Specs

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