Randbright RB 80

Versatile Machine for Cylindrical Finishing.

Cylindrical finishing solution with an optimal price : performance ratio.

The Randbright RB 80 handles a wide range of polishing needs for round tubes of different sizes and types.

This machine drastically reduces your finishing times compared to manual processing and applications, while also providing a consistent high-quality finish every time.

Customer Applications

Perfect machine for deburring, removing defects & weld seams, decreasing surface roughness for plating, increasing surface area for painting, removing oxidation, and enhancing product appearance.

Versatile applications: You can use our heavy-duty, high-performance cylindrical polishing equipment for a range of pipe polishing needs across your operations.

Options for wet and dry models.

Increased resource efficiency: the RB 80 delivers an optimized price-to-quality ratio and low consumable use to keep your operations running as efficiently as possible.

Maximized uptime: Built to handle the job 24/7, our equipment offers uncompromising solutions to reduce downtime and give you maximum uptime at the job site.

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RB 80 Technical Specifications

All information and data on the RB 80.

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