BySmart Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine: BySmart Fiber

Whether you are a new fabricator or an experienced job shop looking to add an easy-to-use metal laser cutting machine, the BySmart Fiber laser cutter from Bystronic could be the perfect solution. Easier to operate than the rest of its fiber laser cutters and with fewer steps involved, this laser cut machine optimally integrates with Bystronic software.

What are the benefits of the fiber laser, BySmart Fiber?BySmart-Fiber-Laser

  • Easy to Use ByVision Touch Screen and Easy to Use Control
  • Ability to nest, add tabs and much much more right at the control
  • Standard Nozzle Changer included
  • Available in 2k, 3k, 4k and 6k
  • 40% faster Acceleration
  • Cutting head with the ability to focus based on material type and thickness
  • Ability to have Automation added now or retrofitted in the future

BySmart Fiber Laser Cutter Data

BySmart Fiber
Nominal Sheet Size 3000 x 1500 mm
Maximum simultaneous positioning speed 140 m/ min
ByVision Cutting Touchscreen operation and manual control unit X
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