Laser Cutting Machine: ByStar Fiber

ByStar Fiber: Laser Cutting Machine

This fiber laser cutter has no limits on what sheet metals it can process, and it comes with an intuitive design and user interface that keep fabricators in complete control. Ideally, the ByStar Fiber laser cutter is for heavy duty metal laser cuts – through to the thickest sheets.

What are the benefits of the fiber laser cutting machine, ByStar Fiber?

  • Provides high-quality fiber laser cutting for the thickest sheet metals
  • Proprietary user interface, ByVision Cutting, assists technicians with unparalleled transparency, making for a highly convenient fiber laser cutting experience
  • Accessible design empowers fabricators at the cutting area from the laser cutting machine’s long side
bystronic 12 k fiber laser


High Performance Innovation Redefined

  • New cutting head design offers increased process stability
  • Innovative “BeamShaper” function provides exceptional cut quality up to 1.125” thickness
  • Decreased maintenance and operating cost due to integrated technology
  • Cutting speeds increased up to 20% over 10K lasers
bystar fiber laser 12k


Differentiate with size and power

  • Bystar XL series machines available in 6225 and 8025 sizes
  • New larger machine sizes enable users to stand out against competitors
  • Large format systems accommodate material up to 8’ wide and 20’ or 26’ lengths
  • Larger sheets allow cut parts to be nested more efficiently
  • Available with 6000, 8000, and 10,000KW laser sources
ByStar Fiber_XL

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