Compact storage tower for lightly-manned production.

Customer Benefits

  • The shuttle table is automatically loaded and unloaded and the entire system significantly better utilized.ByTower- Laser Material Handing Automation_bystronic
  • Frequently used materials are immediately available because they are stored directly next to the machine.
  • Lightly-manned parts production can be realized to a high degree.
  • The shuttle table is still freely accessible.
  • Extraordinarily flexible and simple to operate. The storing of raw material and removal of processed sheets is easy using a fork lift truck. The return transfer of cut sheets is automatic by the system.

Technical Data

Key Technical Values

ByTower3015 – ByTrans 3015
Nominal Sheet Size 3000 x 1500 mm
Load sheet metal thickness 0,8-25 mm
Unload sheet metal thickness 0,8-25 mm
Standard stroke 890 kg
Max. high speed 11/8/6
Max. working speed 5,6 m / 4,5 m / 3,8 m
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