Dura-Kut Plasma & Oxy-Fuel Cutting System


Heavy-duty machine for larger and thicker plate cutting

The “dura-kut” gantry-style CNC Plasma Cutting System is a heavy-duty precision CNC machine with larger widths and lengths to fit your large-scale cutting needs.  The “dura-kut” is designed for larger and thicker plate cutting, usually combined with high amp plasma power supply units, and even oxy-fuel torches for the thickest cutting.

The “dura-kut”  is manufactured to machine tool standards and is built for maximum precision, repeatability, flexibility, durability and longevity. That’s quite a list, but we build plasma cutters that exceed your toughest applications. We use the latest precision drive systems in order to deliver high-speed, high-accuracy plasma cutting.

Customer BenefitsDura-Kut plama oxy laser

  • Cutting width from 8′ to 22′

  • Able to support beveling, tube cutting, and oxyfuel systems

  • Up to 8 torches on one system

  • Virtual limitless length

  • Free standing or bridge mounted consoles are available

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