Robo-Kut 5-Axis Plasma Bevel Head


5-axis bevel head for weld prep applications and contour beveling

The “robo-kut” 5-axis plasma bevel head is an upgrade optional add-on for both the “dura-kut” and “accu-kut” machines. The “robo-kut” is able to bevel up to +/- 45 degrees with unlimited winding. Explore the possibilities and versatility this system offers.

The “robo-kut” is a very rigid and precise robotic device that is machined from solid aluminum billet. It is capable of +/- 45 degree bevel cutting plus the ability to compensate for the natural “kerf angle” in plasma cuts. This feature enables better straight cuts and superior contour beveling cuts in A, V, X, Y and K cuts with lands.

The “robo-kut” has the unique and patented capability of cutting “bolt ready” ½” diameter holes in 1” thick mild steel plates. The “robo-kut” is designed and built in the USA.

The precision robotic gearing, with the ability to increment, not only in degrees, but fractions of degrees, provides unique capability, unlike anything in the industry. The patented automatic calibration routine insures repeatability of the beveling system.

Customer Benefits

  •  Solid design machined from 3 solid aluminum blocks

  • Capable of +/- 45 degree beveling

  •  “Kerf Angle” compensation allows burning of 1/2″ hole in 1″ thick plate

  • No torch wind up allows continuous looping

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