Tube-Kut Cutting System


Integrated rotary axis to cut pipe and square/rectangular tube

Both the “accu-kut” and “dura-kut” can be outfitted with a “tube-kut” cutting system for shops that need the versatility of both flat plate and pipe & tube cutting in a single system.  This simple system greatly increases flexibility, while saving space and capital investment, compared to a dedicated pipe & tube cutting system.


  • 2’ wide processing area

  • up to 8″ x 8” rectangular and square tube

  • up to 10” OD round pipeaks-tube kut_oxycut cutting system

  • up to 12′ long

  • Servo controlled rotational tail stock with manual clamping system

  • Servo controlled torch height control

  • Servo controlled miter axis with +/- 45 degrees tilt range – requires AKS “robo-kut” bevel head

  • Software Programming Software Module – Requires Hypertherm ProNest™ 2015 software

  • Qty (2) Square and round tube supports included

  • Option: Additional Tube Supports available


  • 4′ wide processing area

  • up to 12″ x12″ rectangular and square tube

  • up to 24” OD round pipe

  • up to 20′ long  dura-tube kut

  • Heavy Duty machined steel fabricated base

  • Servo driven headstock with 3 jaw chuck (2” – 24”) for round pipe, integrated to Hypertherm EdgePro™ Controller

  • Optional 4 jaw chuck for rectangular and square tubing

  • (3) Sets of manually adjusted hardened rollers supports – (2” – 24” max ½” wall) round O.D.

  • Roller assembly to be manually located along pipe axis, w/locking mechanism

  • Wireless remote control, provides ± servo rotation, cycle start and stop.

  • Hypertherm Rotary Tube Pro Software – Requires Hypertherm ProNest™ 2015 software

  • Option: Additional Tube Supports available

  • Tube supports – Square/Rectangle available as an option.

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