Press Brake Tooling


Press Brake Tooling

Put Bystronic’s unsurpassed expertise in press brake technology to work for you in virtually any brake you currently use with our new line of press brake tooling.

Bystronic XPT tooling is compatible with Wila® NSCL II type hydraulic clamping and tooling systems, offering you the flexibility to expand upon existing tooling systems while taking advantage of the expert applications and superior press brake support from Bystronic. XPT tooling will fit virtually any press brake in your shop today; as well, it is available on all new Bystronic press brakes sold in North America.

Bystronic RF-A tooling is a revolutionary new tooling that maintains high quality tooling features with the added benefit of increased open height and 100% compatibility with the Bystronic bending database at the machine control.


  • Available with upper and lower hydraulic clamping systems.
  • Self-seating and segmented front-loading tool technology.
  • Precision-ground and deep-hardened for long tool life.
  • Engineered to provide larger open-height capabilities.

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