Press Brakes

Press Brakes

Landmark Solutions offers Bystronic electric and hydraulic press brakes ranging from 40 to 1,000 tons. Tandem and robotic press brake options are available, as well as Bystronic press brake tooling systems.

With Bystronic’s advanced controls and software technology, you can go from 3D drawing to 3D part in just a few clicks. All Bystronic press brakes are equipped with the same touch screen control and bending software developed exclusively by Bystronic. This lets you create continuity among small and large press brakes across your bending operations.

  • Xpert Press Brake is arguably the world’s foremost forming machine. The Xpert is offered from 40 to 1,000 tons and has a wealth of options that make economic sense in the production environment. With hydraulic dynamic crowning unique to Bystronic, the Xpert is the only press brake that doesn’t introduce error into the bending process.
  • Xcite Electric Press Brake is an 80-metric-ton, high-speed bending machine. The Xcite can form batches of thin, high-volume parts, as well as bend thick parts across the entire 6.7’ of bending length.
  • Xact Smart Press Brake is a mid-range press brake with an attractive price point. This machine is a highly versatile press brake available up to 225 tons.
  • Xpert 40 Press Brake is the world’s fastest forming tool available on the market today. This machine is capable of 1,082 bends per hour and can be transported across the production environment by fork lift. With integrated tooling storage, this machine has numerous features to drastically enhance your forming department.


Top-of the-range machine with very high position and repetition accuracy.

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Bystronic X-Pert Press Brake

Xpert 40

The compact speed machine for cost-effective small parts.

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Bystronic X-Pert 40 Press Brake


An electric press brake that works both quickly and reliably while also being attractively priced

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Bystronic X-Cite Press Brake

Xact Smart

Advanced mid-level machine at a great price point.

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Bystronic Xact Press Brake


Intelligent automation for fast and precise tool changing

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Bystronic XTC Intelligent Press Brake

Press Break Tooling

Put Bystronic’s unsurpassed expertise in press brake technology to work for you in virtually any brake you currently use with our new line of press brake tooling.

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Bystronic Press Brake Tooling

Mobile Bending Cell

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Bystronic Press Brake Tooling
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