Xpert 40 Press Brakes

Xpert 40 Press Brakes

The compact speed machine for cost-effective small parts

Customer Benefits

  • Maximum processing speed through upper flank and backgauge acceleration.xpert40-press-brakes_bystronic
  • Ideal when space is limited and capacities vary: The machine can be mobily set up and put into operation in less than five minutes.
  • Process-controlled drive unit reduces power consumption by up to 30 percent and decreases wear and tear.
  • Flexible tool selection and a press capacity of up to 40 tons creates a wide application scope.
  • High operator convenience through ergonomic design and individually adaptable workspace.


Technical Data

Key Technical Values

Xpert 40
Tonnage 40 t
Bending length 1030 mm
Open height 515  mm
Standard stroke 200 mm
Distance between side frames 1060 mm
Table width 60 mm
Backgauge systems 3- und 6-axis
Max. backgauge range in x 550 mm
x-axis travel 300 mm
x-axis speed* 1500 mm/s
r-axis travel 100 mm
r-axis speed* 500 mm/s
z-axis travel 955 mm
z-axis speed* 2000 mm/s
z-axis speed (6 axes)* 2000 mm/s
Max. y approach speed* 300 mm/s
Max. y working speed* 25 mm/s
y working speed for robot operation* 25 mm
Max. y return speed* 300 mm/s
y positioning accuracy 0.01 mm
Crowning hydraulic
Hydraulic tool clamping optional
Main motor power 7.5 kW
Oil capacity 100 l
Weight 4 t
Operation ByVision Bending
Safety Equipment Fast Bend, manually adjustable height
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