XTC-Xpert Tool Changer

XTC-Xpert Tool Changer

Intelligent automation for fast and precise tool changing

Customer Benefits

  • Save time and increase the bending quality thanks to the automated changing of upper and lower toolsxtc-press-brakes-bystronic
  • Precise and error-free positioning of the tool sets in the clamping system of the upper and lower beams, even with large tools (up to V80)
  • Simple tool expansion at any time: Intelligent sensor technology automatically detects new tools and integrates them into the tool magazine
  • Automatic rotation of the upper tools increases the variety of bending applications
  • A high degree of ergonomics and compact handling, because all the tools are kept ready within the machine Precise and gentle processing of bent parts thanks to automatic cleaning of the bending table

Technical Data

Key Technical Values

Range of machine models:

  • Xpert Tool Changer 150/3100
  • Xpert Tool Changer 200/3100
  • Xpert Tool Changer 250/3100
  • Xpert Tool Changer 320/3100
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