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Plate Rolling Machines

The MG plate rolls are the ultimate evolution in the plate bending field with two dragging rolls with hydraulic pinching allowing a steady and precise material dragging. The MG bending machine is the easiest, most versatile, quickest and precise the market can offer.

Key Features:

  • Fully hydraulic heavy-duty plate bending machine
  • Elimination of daily, weekly or monthly maintenance
  • Lifetime parallelism
  • No proprietary replacement parts
  • Off-shelf parts available in most cities

M (4 Roll Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine)

One of the advantages that four-roll machines have over the 3 roll machines is simplicity. You can also work a 4 roll plate roll with a CNC control which is not possible with the 3 roll plate roll.

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Semyx Cobra Series Waterjet

MG & G (3 Double Pinch Plate Bending Machine)

Having the same features as the M line, the 3 rolls are built with three powered rolls. Frames are made out of welded steel and worked-on CNC milling-boring machines.

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Semyx Infinity Series Waterjet

ARTICLES: Plate Roll Machines

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CNC Touch Command EVO

CNC Touch Command EVO is the latest version of MG’s popular CNC system completely designed and flawlessly integrated with MG machines through years of research and development. The control retains its easy-to-use interface on the surface of previous controls however, there is an all new extremely powerful engine that delivers a precision of control never before found on a plate rolling machine.

COMING SOON: Plate Straightening Machines

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Angle Rolls

Using the same award-winning technology incorporated in MG’s world-famous 3 and 4 roll plate bending machines, MG has revolutionized the section and angle rolling market.

Key Features:

  • Profile Bending Machines Ready to Use
  • Peripheral Speed Compensating System
  • Three-Dimensional Guide Rolls
  • Broad Equipment of Standard Rolls
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