Slag Hog Slat Cleaner

Slag Hog Slat Cleaner

$6, 450

The Slag Hog slat cleaner is a must-have tool for Co2 and Fiber Lasers operating with traditional slat style cutting beds.

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Slag Hog slat cleaner can help you:

  • Slat cleaning can be performed during machine operation
  • Optimal price-performance ratio.
  • Standard bed size cleans in approx. 15 minutes
  • For use on most laser manufactures equipment
  • Dual cutters lift slag from both sides of the slat
  • Auto adjusting cutters accommodate different slat sizes
  • Rugged Aluminum & Stainless Steel construction
  • Hardened long lasting slag cleaners
  • Simple start stop operation
  • 120 Volt single phase
  • Current 7 amp motor
  • Weight 44 lbs
  • Slat thickness, .093” to .188″
  • NON slip handle
  • Two versions are available for either standard or narrow slat spacing
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slag hog slat cleaner
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