Software & Controls

Software & Controls

ByVision Controls and BySoft 7 Software (Powered by Solidworks)

Bystronic metal fabrication equipment is maximized to full potential with its unique software and control technologies. As a Bystronic representative, Landmark Solutions offers a full range of ByVision controls and BySoft 7 software.

ByVision touch screen control is the most advanced control in the industry. If your operators can operate a smartphone, they can run these machines with ease. BySoft 7 has four modules embedded within its software: Sheet Cutting, Bending, Plant Manager and Tube Cutting. Unlock each module as you add laser cutting machines or press brakes to your manufacturing process in the future.

BySoft 7 software is quickly becoming a well-known industry standard in fabricating software across the country. BySoft 7 “makes it easy.” Contact Landmark Solutions for software and control options for all of your equipment and factory needs.


Modular CAD/CAM software with 2D and 3D CAD as well as extensive functions for scheduling and monitoring manufacturing processes.

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Bystronic BySoft 7


Simple, user-friendly and fast controller for laser and waterjet systems as well as press brakes (Hämmerle 3P, Xpert, and Xcite).

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Bystronic ByVision

Plant Manager

The Plant Manager plans and monitors manufacturing processes. It provides maximum transparency for sheet processing.

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Bystronic Plant Manager


Cut parts as precisely and cost-effectively as possible: The ByOptimizer is an exclusive online service that offers singularly optimized cutting plans.

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Bystronic ByOptimizer


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Bystronic Observer

OPC Interface

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Bystronic OPC Interface
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