Streamline Your Process

Fully-automated parts sorting for laser cutting systems.

The BySort elevates your production by ensuring a smooth workflow and proper handling of material.

Customer Benefits

Increase the processing quality. Automated unloading of the completed cut parts enables safe and careful material handling on your ByTrans Modular.

Full integration into the BySoft software environment, so that all of your cutting and unloading plans come from a single source.

Everything on one touch screen. Thanks to the integrated control, you operate the BySort using your Bystronic laser cutting system’s operator terminal.

Increased level of automation during the unloading and sorting process also accelerates your subsequent manufacturing processes.

Maximum flexibility for your parts unloading: A variety of unloading positions with a selection of different gripper modules.

Plug & play automation that can be added anytime. BySort can also be retrofitted to work with your existing ByTrans Cross loading and unloading system.

Maximize your productivity

with a customized laser automation solution.

BySort Technical Specifications

All information and data on the BySort.

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