ByTower Compact

Maximize Floor Space and Productivity.

Compact Load/Unload Automation with Integrated Storage

Thanks to its smart design – which combines a storage with loading and unloading system – the ByTower Compact increases the productivity of your Bystronic laser without sacrificing space. The system has been designed to take up as little floor space as possible. 

This system’s fully automated cassette changing function enables lightly manned or unmanned production for companies of any size. 

Customer Benefits

The shuttle table is automatically loaded and unloaded and the entire system significantly better utilized.

Lightly-manned parts production can be realized to a high degree.

Extraordinarily flexible and simple to operate. The storing of raw material and removal of processed sheets is easy using a fork lift truck. The return transfer of cut sheets is automatic by the system.

Frequently used materials are immediately available because they are stored directly next to the machine.

The shuttle table remains freely accessible to operators.

Space-saving design leaves more room on your shop floor for other important equipment and activities.

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ByTower Compact Technical Specifications

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