ByTrans / ByTrans Extended

Max Efficiency with a Compact Design

Intelligent loading and unloading automation for lasers.

With the addition of a second cassette, the machine system operates with even greater autonomy. This allows for greater flexibility in the laser cutting process. The second cassette can be used to store plastic sheets, which are automatically placed over the cut sheet during stacking to prevent contact and protect the quality of the parts.

Customer Benefits

Fast job processing. A complete loading and unloading cycle takes only 60 seconds

The ByTrans Extended design has not just one but two cassettes, thereby making the machine system even more autonomous

Designed for easy entry into lightly-manned parts production

Much higher machine utilization for only a slightly higher investment

Flexible use. Not just for storage/return transfer but also for large parts removal as well as the preparation of plastic protective separators, which are placed between the metal sheets by the system (ByTrans Extended)

Maximize productivity with laser automation

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ByTrans / Extended Technical Specifications

All information and data on the ByTrans/ByTrans Extended

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