ByTrans Modular

Highly Flexible Loading & Unloading Solution

High power and smart functions – with a new design.

The ByTrans Modular is Bystronic’s most flexible loading and unloading automation solution for laser systems. Configurable to suit your space and production needs, the ByTrans Modular provides a customized solution that will take a load off of your operators.

Controlled from the touchscreen of your laser and easily integrated with our material storage systems.

Customer Benefits

Automation tailored to suit your needs: high level of configurability to help reach shorter cycle times, boost productivity, and reduce operator workload.

Brand New User Interface: New software capabilities allow operators to run the automation from the laser's touch screen control, but also have additional panels in the case of larger systems.

Large parts unloading management as well as possibility of recovering remnant sheet.

Seamless connection to material storage solutions

Possibility to manage more laser cutting systems within the same automation.

Ready for connection to BySort parts sorting automation.

Maximize productivity and profitability

with a customized laser automation solution.

ByTrans Modular Technical Specifications

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