Copper Slats by SlatPro

Why Copper Slats for Your Laser?

Reduce maintenance, improve uptime and increase productivity with copper slats.

Replacing slats with ones made of copper significantly reduces maintenance, improves uptime and increases productivity. 

Slag build-up on copper occurs at a much slower rate and is easier to remove as compared to steel slats. Rather than using machine time and labor to cut replacement steel grates and change them out, with copper you continue to cut parts.

Customer Benefits

Longevity: Copper slats last 2 years versus 3 months on average when steel is used.

Improve Part Quality: Bottom splatter and welding of product is reduced leading to improved surface quality on the bottom of parts.

Carbon Contamination: The use of Copper slats will reduce carbon contamination on your parts.

Machine Uptime: Don’t waste time cutting steel slats to replace your used slats while you could be cutting parts for profit.

Less Slag: With lass slag build up, the reduction of machine maintenance is realized. Automation forks less likely to collide with slag.

"After 8 months, they look almost like the day we put them

in." - Tim Rumsey, A.W. Manufacturing

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