ByCut Eco

Straightforward Sheet Cutting with Robust Capabilities.

Everything you need to get started in laser cutting.

The ByCut Eco 3015/4020 delivers both value and performance to shops who don’t have time to waste learning complicated new equipment. This machine is user-friendly and designed to help beginners effortlessly dive into fiber laser cutting.

Beyond processing steel and aluminum sheet metals, this system adeptly handles non-ferrous metals, maintaining top-notch quality. It’s an excellent, cost-effective choice for a diverse range of production needs.

Customer Benefits

Programming on the ByCut Eco 3015/4020 is streamlined with Bystronic’s BySoft Cell Control Cut software. This tool aids in efficiently positioning molds for cutting, ensuring optimal material usage. The software also assists in devising cutting strategies and fine-tuning settings.

Versatile Material Processing: Capable of handling steel, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metals with excellence and consistency.

High-Value Performance: The ByCut Eco 3015/4020 offers premium laser cutting at a cost-effective price.

User-Friendly Design: Specifically crafted for ease of use, perfect for those new to fiber laser cutting.

With its 21.5-inch touchscreen interface, operating the ByCut Eco 3015/4020 feels as intuitive as using your smartphone.

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ByCut Eco Technical Specifications

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