MSS AirCube

Why AirCube?

Smart Machines for Laser Cutting

The Air Cube is a compact, high-pressure shop air cutting generator that utilizes the same compact design as Nitro Cube. Equipped with an invisible, built-in high-pressure storage system, this generator is both modular and expandable, offering unmatched flow rates. The Air Cube can be used as a stand-alone system or can be added to any Nitro Cube Nitrogen Generator, providing added efficiency and versatility in your cutting operations.

Customer Benefits

High-pressure air cutting up to 500psi

Large flowrate capability of 4200 SCFH or 6300 SCFH. Various flowrates possible to accommodate varying materials.

Aluminum edge quality is equivalent to cutting with N2.

Requires only electricity and can be installed and operational in one hour with plug & play design.

Supply 480V. Power: 18.5KW

Compact footprint to save floorspace in your shop.

Lower generation costs than Nitrogen, also with lower electrical and maintenance costs.

Increased speed and reduced burrs in aluminum cutting.

Seamless integration to NitrO2 as Oxygen input.

Compressor included with unit.

Achieve optimal performance

with the right compressed air solution.

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