NitrO2 Gas Mixer

Save money with NitrO2 enriched Oxygen-Nitrogen

Real Time Laser Gas Mix Adjustment.

Save money by running your laser with NitrO2 enriched Oxygen Nitrogen powered by MSS.

NitrO2 provides enhanced edge quality and is a plug-n-play solution that is compatible with any laser machine. With real-time purity mix change and the most compact gas mixer on the market, you can trust MSS to provide the best possible performance. 

Customer Benefits

Enhanced edge quality on cut parts.

The most compact solution for real time purity mix change on laser gases.

No mixing vessel required.

Built-in Oxygen Analyzer

Built-in Oxygen Analyzer External remote operator control to select standard Nitrogen or NitrO2.

Increased cutting speeds up to 3x faster than N2 or O2.

Compatible with any laser cutting system.

Operates on pressures up to 35 bar.

Electrical Supply 110V/220V.

Elevate your performance

with the right gas mixing solution.

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