NitroCube Nitrogen Generator

Own Your Nitrogen
with MSS NitroCube

Low Cost, Low Carbon Alternative to Traditional N2 Delivery

The NitroCube by MSS Laser is the answer to all of the pain points fabricators face with their bulk gas deliveries. No more lengthy contracts, gas waste runoff, or tank rentals; now you can own your Nitrogen.

This modular, scalable N2 generator boasts the only true storage system on the market, giving you maximum uptime and peace of mind. With up to 99.9999% purity, this system is perfect for cutting, welding, food packaging, and many other industries.

Customer Benefits

Get purity of up to 99.9999% with a variety of flow rates and pressures to suit different application.

Modular: with multiple different standard sizes that can be combined and run in tandem, this N2 Generator is built to grow alongside your operation.

Peace of Mind: with our laser expertise, you can be confident you're getting the right size system for your operation.

The only N2 generator on the market with true storage capability - all with a compact footprint, simple plug & play operation, and minimal maintenance.

Unsurpassed after-sales support from MSS Engineers.

Put money back in your pocket

with a nitrogen generation system.

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