Pat Mooney Saws

Pat Mooney Saws

Landmark Solutions is proud to partner with Pat Mooney Saws Inc., a third generation family owned and operated business that distributes metal sawing machinery, accessories and saw blades.

Aluminum Automatic Saws

Fully Automatic Saws with automatic saw head rotation and automatic material indexing. Features include touch screen control for easy job setup, servo motor driven pusher system (available in working lengths from 8 Ft to 21-1/2 Ft) and saw head rotation, fully automatic saw cycle and 100 program storage.

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Aluminum Semi Automatic Saws

Aluminum Cold Cutoff Saws are designed to saw aluminum extrusions and profiles quickly and accurately with a burr free mirror finish.  The features of these aluminum extrusion and non-ferrous saws allow maximum productivity and provide a safe work environment.

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CNC Carbide Cold Saw Systems

Incorporating advanced metal cutting technology into a saw, the solidly constructed Nishijimax System cuts more parts per hour and more parts per blade than a standard production saw.  The Nishijimax turns at a higher RPM with a greater chip load than any other sawing system.

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FMB Manual/Semi Automatic

Pro Mitre Series Precision Gear Drive Saws
FMB Mitre Band Saws combine the advantages of a circular cold saw with the speed of an abrasive saw and the capacity of a traditional band saw. Due to the cutting accuracy and squareness, large capacity, and pivoting sawhead, FMB Mitre Band Saws are ideal for a wide range of iron, steel fab and machine shops. Our semi-automatic versions offer hydraulic clamping, positive hydraulic cutting pressure and auto return after the cutting cycle.

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