DAVI e-Power All-Electric 4-Roll

Maximum Precision. Eco-Friendly Operation.

The world’s first line of all-electric plate rolls is here.

Precision reaches new heights with the DAVI e-POWER All-Electric 4-roll Plate Roll.

Get repeatable and reliable results with a machine that delivers a positioning accuracy of 5 hundredths (compared to the 1-tenth precision on other machines.) With overall enhanced performance, a compact design, lowered maintenance, and silent operation, the MCE sets the bar for efficiency in plate rolling.

Customer Benefits

Unmatched precision: with a positioning accuracy of five hundredths (compared to standard one tenth), the MCE delivers repeatable and reliable results.

Smooth Functionality: Advanced technology and smooth, simultaneous movement across multiple integrated axes allow the MCE to produce more parts in less time.

Reduced Maintenance: The MCE's innovative design eliminates leaks seen in traditional plate rolls. This clean work environment along with a unique actuator component make maintenance more streamlined and accessible, maximizing your uptime.

Compact Footprint: By eliminating the need for a separate hydraulic control unit, DAVI has been able to decrease the size of their machine to accommodate smaller spaces.

Silent Operation: The MCE operates silently in both standby and operation mode.

Low Energy Consumption: Automatic start/stop feature ensures that power is not being used when the machine is not in motion.

Ease of Installation: With fewer components to manage, you can expect a faster and more efficient installation.

Reach new heights in precision

with a fully-electric plate roll.

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