DAVI MAV 3-Roll Variable Axis Plate Roll

Maximum Precision. Superior Rolling Capacity.

Heavy-Duty 3-Roll Variable Axis Plate Roll for large thick plate operations.

The Davi 3-roll variable-axis plate rolling machine is a flexible and accurate tool for plate bending. It features motorized rolls, precise positioning, and a sturdy frame for enhanced performance. The tilting rolls enable precise cone bending, while mechanical and hydraulic symmetry ensure improved tolerances and load distribution. DAVI’s patented Servo-Tronic© system maintains rolls parallelism for maximum accuracy. The machine’s multi-gearbox configuration enhances operability and makes maintenance a breeze.

Customer Benefits

Maximum precision as a result of hydraulic symmetry and side-cylinder design.

Superior Cone Bending with 3 tilting rolls.

Best Rolls Parallelism thanks to DAVI's patented Servo-Tronic© system

DAVI's well-known on-site and remote support teams available as a resource.

Smallest Achievable Flat Ends as a result of torque transmission and roll synchrony.

Super re-rolling thanks to the machine's sturdy, compact frame.

Maximum flexibility with 3 motorized rolls and flat gearboxes.

Improve accuracy and productivity

with the right plate rolling machine.

MAV 3-Roll Machine Sizes

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