DAVI MCB 4-Roll Plate Roll

Leading Technology. Maximum Accuracy.

High precision plate roll for medium – thick plates.

The MCB 4-Roll is built to process medium – thick plate, and is the machine of choice when repeatability, productivity, and ease-of-use are of essence. 

In a 4-roll machine, the bottom roll clamps the plate, guaranteeing perfect control over its position throughout the whole forming process. The side rolls, actuated by DAVI planetary guides technology, provide the necessary bending force to achieve the tightest diameters per capacity on the market (1.1 of the top-roll.)

4-roll machines stand out for allowing fully CNC-automated production processes, significantly decreasing the reliance on operators’ skills and, hence, making it the most suitable tech for mass-production.

Customer Benefits

The New Frontier of Control System: Ergonomic console, hi-res interface, and A.I. operability to ensure process efficiency.

Smallest Achievable Flat Ends as a result of the machine's sturdy, compact, closed frame design.

Highest degree of automation with rolling lines powered by a state-of-the-art control system.

Best Rolls Parallelism thanks to DAVI's patented Servo-Tronic© system

Easy Installation, Great Operability and Maintainability with our on site or remote Assistance always available

Highest level of available machine customization options on the market.

Tightest Achievable Diameters thanks to DAVI's Planetary Guide technology.

Plug & Play Upgrades and Automation available - machine is made to grow with your needs and is easily retrofittable.

Perfect Extreme Cones thanks to the machine's low frame design.

DAVI's well-known on-site and remote support teams available as a resource.

Improve accuracy and productivity

with the right plate rolling machine.

MCB 4-Roll Technical Specifications

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