DAVI MCO 3-Roll Double Pinch

Leading Technology. Maximum Value.

Economical 3-Roll Machine for Limited Production Volume

The most common design in the industry, with the top roll fixed, and the two side rolls that move up and down to pre-bend the edges, and to roll the plates.

The most inexpensive roll for plates from 15-20 mm (5/8 – 3/4 inch) thickness, up to 80-100 mm (3 – 4 Inch), and more, it is recommended for limited production volumes.

Customer Benefits

Maximum flexibility at an accessible price point.

Tightest Achievable Diameters thanks to DAVI's Planetary Guide technology.

3 Powered Rolls allow for higher torque, non-slip operation, and excellent pre-bending.

Easier removal of finished parts as a result of the low, horizontal frame design.

DAVI's well-known on-site and remote support teams are always available as a resource.

Highest level of available machine customization options on the market.

Machine is mill scale-proof and does not require cleaning or lubrication.

Directly-Braked Side Rolls

Permanent Lubrication Technology used by DAVI since 1982 provides maximum reliability and minimal maintenance.

Increase accuracy and productvity

with the right plate rolling machine.

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