Project Description

4200 series dry


Timesavers 4200 Series is available in 37″ and 52″ widths with up to four sanding belts, or any combination of belt and brush heads. The 4200 Series is designed for 24/7 around the clock operation, and includes automatic raise/lower of each 11″ diameter sanding head for easy change of application or sanding capability.


Number of Heads: 1-4
Head Types: Drum, Brush
Machine Widths: 52”, 64”
Up to 50 HP Main Drive Motor
103” Abrasive Belt Length
Automatic Abrasive Belt Tracking
0-6” Bed Opening (31”-37” Variable Passline)
25” Width: 15-45 FPM Feed Speed
11” Diameter Adjustable Contact Drum
11” Diameter Brush
Contact Timesavers for Machine Options and Dust Collection
Uses: Metal Finishing and Deburring