Mini-Belt-Machine- Timesavers


The Mini-Belt is a favorite among hobbyists, as well as, smaller metalworking shops who require the ability to perform light metal finishing and deburring without being able to justify the cost of a production machine.

The new Mini-Belt utilizes 9”x48” abrasive sanding belts to help keep consumable costs down. With a 9” working width and a 6” minimum part length; the Mini-Belt can be utilized for a wide range of parts. Since this is a “Table Top” machine, it can be mounted to a table, workbench, or left on the included machine stand. The included machine stand doubles as a cabinet, which is generally utilized as abrasive belt storage.


  • Number of Heads: 1
  • Head Types: Drum
  • Machine Widths: 9”
  • 5 HP Main Drive Motor
  • 48” Abrasive Belt Length
  • Manual Abrasive Belt Tracking
  • 0-4” Bed Opening (39” Constant Passline)
  • 16 FPM Feed Speed
  • 3.25” Diameter Contact Drum
  • Contact Timesavers for Machine Package with Dust Collection
  • Uses: Metal Finishing and Deburring