ByBend Star 120

Small Footprint, Big Power.

Compact bending now with more power than ever.

Maximize your floorspace with a compact bending solution perfect for those small-medium sized parts. Now available in 120 tons, the customer-favorite ByBend Star is the machine of choice for shops who need flexibility without sacrificing capability. 

Bend a wide range of materials, thicknesses, and tensile classes with ease. With a variety of smart functions, this brake makes perfect bends achievable for even the newest operators.

Customer Benefits

Maximum process speed via high acceleration of the upper beam and back gauge

Built-in Forklift Slots to make it easy to relocate the brake wherever it will serve you best.

Operators enjoy substantially reduced set up time.

Excellence from the start: our Laser Angle Measurement System (LAMS) makes perfect bends possible from the first run.

High ease of use through ergonomic design and individually customizable work environment.

Ideal for shops where there’s a shortage of space and capacities fluctuate: The machine can be moved effortlessly and be operational in less than five minutes.

Process controlled bending reduces electric power consumption by up to 30 percent and decreases wear on your brake.

Simple operation: Via a 21.5-inch touchscreen, operate the BySoft Cell Control Cut software as easily as your smart phone.

Flexible tool selection and press capacity of up to 88 US tons offer a wide range of application.

Convenient built-in storage for tooling and accessories to aid in operator efficiency.

Stay ahead of the competition with

a custom-tailored bending solution.

ByBend Star 120 Technical Specifications

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