CLOOS Compact System QR-CS-30

Robotic Welding

Powerful torch welding with anti-collision sensor.

The QR-CS-30 welding robot has rounded ergonomic forms for reduced weight, increased flexibility, higher repeatability, and higher dynamics. The result is an automated welding process which can be configured in a significantly more efficient manner. Integrated rotary positioner for optimum weld positioning and for circular welds.

Standard cell Includes

QIROX QRC 350-E Welding Robot

Positioner 2200lbs/side (coordinated motion)

Torch cleaning unit

Tracking MANAX – Operator’s positioner control

QIROX QC2 Master Controller

QINEO Pulse Pro 450A welding power source

Touch Sensing & Thru-Arc Seam

Maximize efficiency

with the right robotic welding solution.

QR-CS-30 Technical Specifications

All information and data on the QR-CS-30

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