MP-WP Series

MP-WP Series

The MP-WP series polishing machine families are Costa’s solution for wide wet or dry processing of sheets and coils.

The ByCut Star is an advanced cutting machine with a power range of 3 to 30 kilowatts, capable of rapidly cutting mild steel sheets up to 50 mm thick. It employs smart functions like the Intelligent Cutting Process (ICP) for an optimized cutting experience. The machine’s design is both modern and functional, and its versatility extends to handling materials like stainless steel and aluminum. Operation is made effortless with Bystronic’s automation and an intuitive 21.5-inch touchscreen interface.

Customer Benefits

The entire MP-WP Series familes are fully customizable. They can be built in different frame sizes, widths, motor power levels, and combinations of working units to best match your application requirements.

1300 mm up to 3200 mm

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