Fab-Innovations Material Storage System

Achieve Ultimate Process Efficiency


Designed and built in the USA with metal fabricators in mind, the Fab-Innovations Material Storage System boasts several thoughtful features to help you reach maximum productivity, organization, and process efficiency.

Customer Benefits

Our material trays will fit directly into most laser automation systems* without the need to unload or depalletize your sheets, eliminating unnecessary steps in your process and ultimately giving you more cutting time. ​ *Please feel free to confirm your automation details with our team.

Our systems are designed to grow with you. Start with a single 5' tower and grow to 10' with a single added unit for up to 64,000lb of storage capacity.

Lag Points on each foot ensure maximum safety of your operators and equipment. 

Customizable: Make a brand-aligned statement on your shop floor with a custom system color.

Safety pins on each cartridge function to hold sheet metal securely in place while still allowing easy access to your material.

American Made: Research, Design, Development, and Product Support are all housed under one roof in Corona, California.  Units are proudly made in local shops across the United States to help our customers save on freight costs.

Eliminate time wasted searching for materials with custom magnetized material identifiers.

For Fabricators, by Fabricators: Each Fab-Innovations system is built from American-made steel, skillfully constructed by our team and quality-assured before it hits your floor.

Achieve maximum process efficiency

with the ultimate material storage system.

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