ByTube Star 130

Power, Precision, and User-Friendly Innovation

High-performance tube laser cutting

The ByTube Star 130 is a high-end tube laser designed to increase speed, flexibility and efficiency in your tube laser cutting operations. With its precision, ease of use and fully automatic setup of all profiles including open and elliptical tubes, this machine will enhance the quality and performance of your production. ByTube Star 130 offers a winning combination of proven quality and cutting-edge technology.

Customer Benefits

Easiest way to step into tube cutting: Established technology, user-friendly interface (ByVision Tube), one machine does it all without set up/change over.

Quick Cut Feature: Additional linear axis of the cutting head for highest speed and quality in every cutting circumstance - even with very small tubes.

Different configurations available to suit your space and process flow. Enjoy a cost reduction due to optimized logistics.

More power for Faster Performance: The increased laser power of new 4 kilowatts ensures higher speed for increased productivity and higher quality overall.

Fully automatic set up, even with open profiles and ellipses.

LaserScan and Active Tube Support: Real time compensation of tube bending to improve cutting precision; accuracy also for low quality material and with minor impact on process speed.

Simple operation: Via a 21.5-inch touchscreen, operate the BySoft software as easily as your smart phone.

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