Exact. Tough. Optimized.

Waterjet cutting optimized for the work you do.

The OMAX OptiMAX is the culmination of three decades of engineering expertise and experience, resulting in the world’s most accurate waterjet designed for maximum uptime in any manufacturing environment.

Backed by IntelliMAX Premium Software and driven by the EnduroMAX pump and IntelliTRAX linear drive system, the OptiMAX allows fabricators to produce more parts with less water and garnet, no tool changing, and minimal set up time.

Customer Benefits

Comes standard with IntelliTRAX®, the high precision traction drive technology designed exclusively for the abrasive waterjet environment for maximum accuracy and minimal maintenance.

EnduroMAX pump with a simple yet robust design that is specifically engineered to simplify maintenance through innovative features while maximizing nozzle horsepower.

All-American Waterjet: OMAX Research, Design, Deveopment, and After-sale Support are all based in Kent, WA.

Backed by IntelliMAX® software that enhances automation capabilities with direct control of the advanced 5-Series EnduroMAX® pump, rapid auto-homing of the waterjet and more.

State of the art accessory options configure the OptiMAX to perform your jobs, your way. Customize your waterjet with options to enhance productivity such as multi-axis cutting, automated garnet removal, secondary operations assistance, water recycling, and more.

OMAX Technology Guarantee: as the original owner, you'll be entitled to free Software updates for the life of the machine.

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