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True waterjet performance in a compact package.

Designed and built alongside the revolutionary OMAX waterjets, The ProtoMAX is a compact, self-contained cutting system ideally suited for prototyping and low-volume cutting of almost any material approximately 1″ thick. Bringing all the versatility benefits of large abrasive waterjet cutters together in a sleek and economic package, this machine is ideal for prototyping or as a complement to a larger machine shop.

Customer Benefits

Quick cutting of small parts and prototypes: Traverse speeds of up to 100ipm with outstanding linear accuracy.

All-Inclusive Standard Package: The STANDARD SYSTEM includes the ProtoMAX abrasive waterjet system, complete with the table, pump, laptop with pre-installed software, and everything needed to start abrasive waterjet cutting after initial installation. Package upgrade options are available.

Small footprint machine with robust capabilities perfect for prototyping or as a complement to a larger machine shop.

Operational in no time: designed for install completion in 3-4 hours.

Unlimited seats of software with free lifetime upgrades.

30,000psi Direct Drive Pump for best-in-class power.

Reach new heights

with the right waterjet for your application.

ProtoMAX Technical Specifications

All information and data on the ByCut Star.

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